Ken Kiff: Man Painting


Turps Gallery, London, 15 June to 12 July 2019



Ken Kiff: The Sequence

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, November 2018 to April 19

The exhibition will run from November 17th 2018 to May 2019 at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts: the first institution for over twenty years to mount an exhibition of Kiff's work.  It will bring together sixty of The Sequence paintings from across the series and will include a number of previously unseen works.

Frieze Masters

London, October 2018

Part of a mixed show at Marlborough Fine Art at Frieze Masters.


Year 1

Frestonian Gallery, London, 20 June to 4 August 2018

Celebrating the first year of the Frestonian Gallery, featuring works by every artist the Gallery has exhibited to date.

Lovers and Other Spectres

The Kingsgate Workshops, London, 30 June to 28 July 2018

Kingsgate’s way of working is to show emerging artists in the context of established practice – it is not only aspirational for young artists, but provides a rich conversation for them to become a part of.  The exhibition demonstrates the influence of Ken Kiff's work on current narrative painting.

Ken Kiff: Prints, Drawings, Paintings

Young Gallery, Salisbury, 30 March to 25 May 2018

A retrospective of pieces selected by Marlborough Fine Art to showcase the diversity of medium used by Ken Kiff.

Ken Kiff Unfolding

Frieze Masters, Deutsche Bank VIP Lounge, London, 5 October to 8 October 2017

Featuring works from both the Deutsche Bank private collection and courtesy of Marlborough Fine Art, the Deutsche Bank lounge at Frieze Masters 2017 showed works by Ken Kiff, under the title “Unfolding”.  Kiff wanted his work to ‘unfold’ and to continue ‘unfolding’ over the years, creating a poetic layering that today continues to capture the viewers imagination.