Selected Solo Exhibitions

1979 - Gardner Centre Gallery, University of Sussex

1980 - Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London

1981 - Talbot Rice Art Centre, Edinburgh

1982 - Edward Thorp Gallery, New York

1986 - Ken Kiff Paintings 1965-85, Serpentine Gallery, London, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

1988 - Fischer Fine Art, London

1991 - Ken Kiff, Recent Work, Marlborough Fine Art, London

1993-94 - Ken Kiff at the National Gallery, London

1996 - Marlborough Fine Art & Graphics, London

2001 - Retrospective Paintings, Works on Paper, Prints, Marlborough Fine Art, London

2008 - Ken Kiff Paintings and Works on Paper, Marlborough Fine Art, London

2015 - Ken Kiff: The Hill of Dreams, Marlborough Fine Art, London

2017 - Ken Kiff Unfolding, Frieze Masters, Deutsche Bank VIP Lounge, London

2018 - Ken Kiff, Prints, Drawings, Paintings, Young Gallery, Salisbury

Selected Group Exhibitions

1970 - Critic’s Choice, selected by Norbert Lynton, Arthur Tooth & Sons, London

1973 - Magic and Strong Medicine, selected by Norbert Lynton, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

1979 - Narrative Painting, selected by Timothy Hyman, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

1981 - New Works on Paper 1, curated by John Elderfield, Museum of Modern Art, New York

1982 - Issues: New Allegory 1, curated by Elisabeth Sussman, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

1983 - Alive to it All, Serpentine Gallery, London

1984 - The British Art Show, Ikon Gallery and City Gallery Museum, Birmingham

1987 - Current Affairs, British Painting and Sculpture in the 80s, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford and British Council touring

1989 - Tree of Life, Southbank Centre, London, Corner House Gallery, Manchester

1990 - Nine Contemporary Painters, A Personal Choice, selected by Andrew Lambirth, City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

1994 - Here and Now, Serpentine Gallery, London

1997 - British Figurative Art, Painting, The Human Figure

2001 - Tell me a Picture, selected by Quentin Blake, The National Gallery, London

2018 - Lovers and Other Spectres, The Kingsgate Workshops, London

2018 - Year 1, Frestonian Gallery, London

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